Mental HEalth Video Series

What is mental health?



What is mental health?

First, it’s about how you think about the different aspects in your life – like your relationships, your living situation, and work and leisure.

Second, it’s about how you feel – happy, sad, worried, confident, fearful, optimistic, or hopeless. Your thoughts and feelings can change depending on your personal relationships, work environment, health, and your life circumstances.

So why does mental health matter?

Because it affects your:

  • behavior,
  • how you relate to people,
  • whether you take advantage of opportunities that come your way,
  • how you manage stress in life, and
  • how you experience bodily pain.

Events in your life can trigger how you feel and affect your mental health especially if some situations are uncomfortable or unexpected.

What is good mental health?

  • It’s when you do the things you’re interested in and good at,
  • manage the difficult things in life well,
  • feel appreciated for what you do,
  • develop respectful and trusting relationships, and
  • enjoy things.

How do you know if you have mental health problems?

It’s normal to feel sad or worried when you have difficult or stressful events in your life. But, if you’re feeling low, sad, hopeless, or worried most of the time, those can be signs of mental health problems. Some signs of mental health problems are:

  • difficulty finding the energy and motivation to do things,
  • finding it hard to concentrate and think clearly,
  • being uncomfortable around people or feeling that they don’t understand you,
  • feeling guilty, including about things you can’t change, and
  • sensing the future is gloomy

Remember, if you are experiencing mental health problems, help is available which can improve your outlook and quality of life.

For more information and tips on how to manage your mental health watch our next video.


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