Health Economics Econometric Modelling and Resources Use Implications of NCDs for Women

Program Leads: Prof Brenda Gannon, Prof Gita Mishra, Prof Jenny Doust


This program will use econometric and simulation modelling to evaluate the current burden of NCDs and their resource use implications, and then quantify the expected future benefits of an integrated preventive health strategy to reduce the impact of NCDs.



1. What are the resource use implications for the health system of NCDs, disaggregated by sociodemographic factors, body weight and health behaviours, and reproductive characteristics?

2. Based on the prevalence of risk factors in young and mid-age women (such as obesity), what are the future resource use implications and costs to the health system until 2035?

3. What are the estimated resource use implications out to 2035 of co-ordinated intervention strategies, in terms of reduced mortality and burden of disease?

NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence on Women and Non-communicable Diseases: Prevention and Detection

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